Syona Photography Weddings 

Let’s explore the most popular questions from my couples and the answers. If you feel you want to ask about something else, feel free and contact me via phone 087 3640351 or email: syonaphotography@gmail.com 

I know choosing your one and only wedding photographer is something very important, so let’s dive deeper into the wedding day and the way I work: 

  1. How do I book your service? And how much is the deposit? 

Once you are ready to secure your date with me, I will share with you my Booking Form and the bank details for sending the deposit. The deposit is €500. I can’t book your date provisionally. 

  1. Do you travel? 

Yes, I love travelling! Near and far! In Ireland in and in Europe. 

  1. Do you customise your Collections! 

Yes! Each wedding is a completely different story and I customise my offer to your needs! I actually love travelling, near and far! So, get in touch with me and tell me more about your plans! 

  1. Are you insured? 

Yes, I have to be! 😉 

  1. Do you bring your back-up camera? 

Yes, I have three cameras with me. Back-up is the musthave. 

  1. How many photos do I receive?

It depends on the length of the day and the size of the wedding, but usually it is around 500 images for the half day coverage and around 900 images from the full day. 

  1. We are camera shy, is it ok? 

Around 80% of my couples tell me they are camera-shy and they don’t like to be photographed. So, I have tricks to make you feel relaxed and comfortable, only one thing is necessary: TRUST ME 😉 You will be positively shocked how smooth the session was. And generally, you won’t be seeing me most of the day, because I capture your day staying in the background catching the most precious moments for you! 

  1. Am I able to download the photographs (for printing) from the Online Gallery? 

Yes, sure, whenever you want. The Online Gallery is available for you for the next year. I recommend downloading all the photos to 2-3 safest locations (USBs, Google Drive, other Online Storages etc.) 

  1. Where could we see the full wedding that you have captured? 

Of course! Explore my website/Blog/Wedding Stories. I am totally transparent about how I work and what images I deliver to my clients. And if you wish, I can share the Full Gallery with you via Email. Get in touch with me! 

  1. Is the coverage of the groom getting ready included? 

If you have a plan to get ready in the same location, I am always happy to capture both preparations. If the distance is more than 10 minutes, I recommend hiring the second shooter just for the morning. Contact me to discuss this. 

  1. Is photography your only job? 

Photography is my full-time job. I will be a certified Yoga Teacher very soon and I love both!

12. Do you do family photographs? 

Yes, I do immediate family photographs. That is the only part of the reportage which is staged/posed. It usually takes around 15-20 minutes to gather and capture all the people.

  1. How long will we spend on our portraits? 

The average is around 20 minutes if it is happening on the grounds of the venue. A bit more, if you want to travel to the spot. I am happy with both options! 

  1. What do you think about the engagement session? We are not sure. 

This is your decision, but what I see is that my couples are more relaxed in front of the camera after the couple session and meeting me in person. It is also a great keepsake to have. My couples often print those photos and use them in the venue/on the tables on the Wedding Day. Think about it! 

  1. Have you photographed the wedding in our venue before? 

The huge majority of my weddings are at venues that I have not photographed before at. And this is great, because it means my creativity will be at the highest level! I always visit a venue before the reportage, so I have an idea about the location, light, possible backgrounds. 

  1. Each photo is fully edited? Do we get the photos with watermarks? Yes, indeed, each photo is edited. The photos don’t have watermarks. They are ready for printing.

17. Do we need to share the list of photographs which we want to have? 

You don’t need to share it with me. You hire me with the trust I will capture all possible moments and people. You can only make a list of the family photographs, and this can be shared with your bridal party (they are usually great with calling & gathering people).